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TRANS ELEVATOR Co., Ltd with its origins in Singapore, TRANS is dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of high-end home lifts. TRANS has concentrated its investment in China, established R & D and manufacturing centers in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, as well as its unique marketing model named 5S Experience Shop to provide high quality products and end to end services to global users.


The modern manufacturing center of TRANS HOME LIFT adopts advanced modular production. Each component is configured with dedicated fixtures in production, and we use CNC machining centers each component to be intensively and carefully crafted. This enables the clients to enjoy efficient services.


TRANS home lift uses creative drive and control technologies and owns many creative patents. We are committed to bringing safer and higher quality and larger space for our customers through compact and light design, e-Frame, e-Motor, e-Power, e-Lighting, e-Touch, e-Call, e-Display and many other advanced technologies, well reflecting our pursuit of people-oriented philosophy and high technology.

▲Service System

TRANS carries on unique 5S integrated solution for customer.

1S: Advanced business model by offering wonderful shopping experience

2S: Self-support space with combinational design

3S: Consultative shopping guide service

4S: End-to-end engineering service

5S: 7x24 hours permanent maintenance service

Why Choose Us
  • Suitability

    Convenient for :

    The disabled

    Carrying goods

    The senior citizens and children

  • Customer Tailored

    Professional design team
    Match the landlord personal preference
    Match the home decoration style
    Customer tailored for car decoration
    Suitable for roughcast house and retrofit of old houses
  • Luxury and Fashion

    Large car Space 

    Variety of styles 

    Classic luxury design 

    Advanced configuration

Product Value
  • Trustworthy Safety

    Provide the most trustworthy security performance for customers

  • Comfortable& Reliable

    Meet the requirements of customer convenience and high quality life

  • Luxury & Honorable

    High-end configuration to improve your home comfort and satisfaction

  • Customer Tailored

    Customize the home lift with different styles of customers

Product Features

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

The design of the double-brake system will effectively stop the operation of the elevator when the elevator fails. The precision encoder can accurately calculate the speed of the elevator operation. Once it exceeds the normal operation range, the speed limiting device will start the safety clamp mechanism and stop the elevator running.

High quality special imported steel wire rope, its safety coefficient and service life is far higher than the general, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

TRANS home lift adopts the leading CAN-BUS control technology and advanced WVF driver, which ensures the perfect curve of elevator operation, makes the level more accurate, and gives you comfortable and smooth enjoyment.

Compact Design and Space Saving

Compact Design and Space Saving
One of the biggest features of TRANS home lift is the smallest building space that provides the maximum use of space for customers. The unique structure and design to make our products have unparalleled advantages.
No matter what the structure of your house, our home elevator can provide you with the most space saving solution.

Customer Tailored

Customer Tailored

TRANS home lift has a professional product design center to meet the needs of diversified customers. Considering the differences in customer preferences and area, TRANS offers many unique home lift decoration series, and set up special kinds of decoration for customers, including Modern, Chinese, European style, and so on. These series with aesthetics and practicality are integrated to create a classic and lead the trend of the home lift.

Green and Energy Saving

Green and Energy Saving

The energy saving LED has replaced the traditional halogen lamp, which has a life span of 10 times and saves 80% of the electricity.

If the closing time of the elevator reaches the preset time, it will be automatically converted to standby mode, the information display system will darken, and the car lighting and fan will be automatically closed, so as to achieve the energy saving effect.

Efficient and Accurate Installation

Efficient and Accurate Installation

The plug-in connector and the error-proof joint are applied to the control system and the matching electrical devices, ensuring that no wrong links will occur, and the accurate three-dimensional diagrams and installation instructions are provided, which greatly improves the installation efficiency.

365 DaysX 24Hours Maintenance Service

365 DaysX 24Hours Maintenance Service

e-Call can be installed inside the car. By pressing the button, it can be connected to the monitoring center of the property management company by telephone, and it can also be linked to family members or elevator maintenance company. TRANS has a professional maintenance team in each sales territory to provide timely and considerate service.

Seiko Spy

Modern manufacturing

Modern manufacturing center of TRANS home lift adopts advanced modular production. Each component is configured with dedicated fixtures in production, and we use the imported CNC machining centers so that each component can be intensively and carefully crafted and the clients can enjoy the most efficient services.

Design Training

  • Training

    Our company sets up a special training base for sales, installation and maintenance in order to provide high-quality.
    Professional service
    Knowledge transfer

  • R&D Center
    Our technology is people-oriented. To establish an independent R&D center.
    We are developing current generation products while pre-researching the next three.
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